The Global template


Disable QView:

Disables QView in the application (in standalone mode removes all dependancies). Any hand- coded calls to QView will need to be removed or commented-out.

Global hotkey:

Check the 'Activate' box to turn this on. You can specify the Hot-Key (defaults to AltShiftQ). 'Conditional On' is optional - you might use something like:

CHOOSE(Glo:LoggedOnUser = 'My Name',TRUE,FALSE)

Read-Only is also optional (see QVEdit).

The template builds lists of all Global, Module and Local queues it can find. It also tries to find any queues associated with controls on the current window (only works with the Clarion template chain).

End result when hitting the HotKey is this window:


Selecting a queue (enter key or double-click) results in a call to QVEdit.

The feature can also be useful for debugging. If you don't know exactly where in code to make a call to QView then this is an alternative. If the template fails to find your queue (it usually does!) add your queue to one of the lists. The four lists are template-generated queues. One is global and populated at application start-up. The other three are local to procedures. Be careful when choosing which list to add your queue to! By far the safest is 'Local' but at times it may make sense to add a queue to 'Global'. This topic is covered in more detail here. But typically you will want to get access to a local queue the template failed to find. Look for the embed 'Before sorting queue of local queues' and add some code:

Your queue will then appear in the list:


Multi DLL Applications:

The only advantage to using these settings correctly is to share the list of global queues accessed by the Global Hotkey feature. In practice, for debugging purposes, you would usually just add QView to the exe or dll where you need to get access to queue(s).

To share the list of Global queues, check the "This is part of..." box wherever you add QView and the "Export QView data..." box only in your root (or "data") application.

Force use of Local Library:

There have been reports of intermittent problems with the template under C7. Symptom is that the relevant .lib file (qview7l.lib / claqvwl.lib) is not added to a "local build" solution. Underlying cause seems to be an issue with the %ApplicationLocalLibrary in-built symbol but is too erratic to reproduce and PTSS! If this problem strikes you, tick this checkbox to force qview7l.lib into the solution.