Queue menu



Pulls up the filter maintenance window:


Filters are logical expressions for Clarion's Evaluate(). Features a column name toolbox and a drop-down history of previous filters. Double-click or enter on a toolbox entry to paste into the filter. Cancel always deactivates filtering.


Access arrays by using the internal Element(arrayname, dim1, dim2, dim3, dim4) function. The Element function's usage is the only aspect of QView's user interface that varies between some versions of Clarion. In C5 and C55 (despite the documentation) parameters after the first could be omitted in bound functions. In C6 and early versions of C7 that was not the case. The behaviour was restored in a late build of C7.2. So, for c5, c55, late 7.2 and 7.3 onwards it's not necessary to include any "trailing and ignored" dimensions in your filter.

The Element function will fail (and cause an evaluation error) if passed a label that has no dimensions or the dimensions are out of bounds.

Another internal function records() is available but not offered in the toolbox. It enables you to filter based on the number of records in a referenced queue (null references are treated as empty queues). If your queue reference had label MyQueueRef, an example is:

Records('MYQUEUEREF') > 123

Note (like the Element function) the label must be quoted. 


Makes a call to QVRestore, any suitable captured or archived queues can be selected and appended to the current queue:


See the Edit menu topic for a slightly more long-winded explanation of why it is safe to play with this feature - you are working with a copy of your program's queue. 


Adds the current queue to the capture list. Captured queues are available for the duration of a debugging session.


Archives the current queue to disk. Archived queues are available in the current and subsequent debugging sessions. They can be removed from the Queue Restore window (above).

Show All

Start the "show me all captures and archives" window. From there you can view other queues or remove captures and archives:


Basic Table

Writes a delimited file using current filter, pictures and array settings. Options to change delimiter, exclude column names etc:



Writes tab-delimited output to the clipboard using current filter, pictures and array settings. Suitable for pasting into Excel.


Displays the queue's structure:



Crude 'export Queue to XML' feature.

Disable QView

It is easy to get yourself into a tight loop making repeated calls to (say) QVEdit. Use this option to disable QView for the rest of the session (confirmation required).

About QView

Displays Version, License and program module information. If you are working with a Trial license there is an option to Activate the software.