Frequently Asked Questions

The demo program won't run?

See Redirection and path

The demo app won't compile?

See Redirection and path

Known limitations?

No access to dimensioned groups (only the first entry at present).

Filtering is driven by label and prefixes aren't considered. And multiple instances of a typed structure in a queue will result in QView using the same label(s). Although the queue will display OK, this means the filtering facility can break when used with complex queue structures.

If your application is already using DynaLib, local compiles in Clarion 5 or 5.5 will fail with duplicate symbol errors at link time. To be honest, we have been waiting a long time and now doubt this will ever be resolved by NikaSoft. 

Why is QView a "black box"?

QView utilises a 3rd-Party library to move beyond the capabilities exposed by the clarion RTL. During initial development that was xLib, which did make the initial transition to C6. However, updates were not forthcoming and we moved to DynaLib for all versions of QView. A source code version of QView doesn't seem justified at present because it would require a developer to own DynaLib. Black boxes are never ideal for a developer but if we are ever slow reacting to a new release of Clarion it won't stop you updating your applications. QView is a debugging tool, very unlikely you would be shipping it with your application.

Is there a limit to 'drilling down into queue references'?

No. The shipped example app only demonstrates it to "one level down" but no limitation is implied - drill away!