Column menu


(The column menu options are also available by right-clicking a list entry)


Pulls up the Picture dialog window (AltP keyboard shortcut). Use standard clarion pictures, features a history of previous pictures:



The @hex option shown above does NOT work. However, the pictures @s251 and @s252 have been reserved for 'functional display'. @s251 displays a clarion "stardate" (typically a real) as d017 t04. @s252 displays in hex format (limited to 255 characters).


Pulls up the Array dialog window (AltA keyboard shortcut). From here you can view other elements of the array and / or set the current display element:



Runs through the column and gives you a total (deformats, uses a clarion real). Will "roll round" but can be useful.


    Deduplicates the selected column and shows counts:



Zoom in on the cell (examine strings longer than 255 characters for example), with option to view in hex mode. Navigate the queue using VCR buttons ("?", CtrlG hotkey is GoTo).


View Referenced Queue

Passes a referenced queue to QVEdit (AltQ keyboard shortcut).

BIG Warning

QView is sometimes unable to confirm that a reference points to a queue. Although some checks are made using the extended library before moving on to treat it as a queue there is still a chance that using this feature with other types of reference will blow your program away (depends what's living at that address in memory!). So a warning is given the first time you use this feature in a debugging session:

The warning can also be permanently turned-off using the "Don't show this again" checkbox.