Download the latest Help File. Note: this is a chm file and your security settings are unlikely to let you "open" it across a network. If content is not visible, "save" and open from a local disk.

You can also read the help file online here.

QView was featured in ClarionLive Webinar 369 (Jul 15 2016). A recording is available here.

Download QView and try it today! Unlicensed installations are fully functional for a period of 30 days (if you need more time, contact us - we will be happy to help). Version (Feb 6 2015) setup programs:

Free Stuff:

sdkLCS is a class and template for Clarion programmers. Discussed in ClarionLive Webinar 350 (March 4 2016), it provides column-sorting similar to the shipping browse templates - but is for use with simple hand-coded queues on windows. Last updated March 5 2016. Download 

Windoze lets you really explore what's happening on your desktop. All written in Clarion, including a message hooking facility, it profiles and gives access to all the windows on the desktop. Download v2.0.253 February 21 2013