"Bravo for this excellent work which really makes debugging our code so much easier (I was trying to trace down a bug in my code reported by a client and after half a day spent in vain added QView and traced the problem in minutes!)."

JP Gutsatz, France

"I've been using QView for the last couple of weeks to debug an ImageEx driven design program we are making for our POS system. At this point, I have found nothing I dislike and the damn thing just works trouble free without any errors to report! Once you need it, and actually install and try it, it is a done deal. It is indeed an indispensable tool if you do any kind of queue work at all. I now only have 11 days left and I am beginning to panic at the thought of losing this tool. I am willing to pay for it! How! Would my firstborn son suffice?"

Richard Rogers, Norway

"I would be lost without QView. As a developer it allows me to check & debug my code with ease. I shudder to think of having to declare list boxes to check that the contents of my queues are correct. I also like the handy feature of being able to export the resulting queue to a delimited file. In a word I would describe this Clarion utility as invaluable."

Steve Wilson, England

"Queues and queue handling are one of the major advantages of the Clarion language. QView is a tool to create, debug and manage queues effortlessly. "

The guy in Norway, Again

The Clarion development environment does not provide an easy way to examine queues at run-time. This can make debugging queue problems a tedious task, especially when they contain references to other queues (a "queue of queues"). OK, it is simple to display any queue in a list control using PROP:FROM but remember to watch out for arrays (run-time problems guaranteed). Clarion's implementation of linked lists is one of the language's many strengths but until you can "see" your queues you will find it hard to take full advantage of their power.

QView gives you instant access to any queue, along with the ability to drill down into any referenced queues. Add the global template and with one line of code you can safely examine any queue. You can format fields using standard clarion pictures that will be remembered next time the library sees the queue and you can dump any queue out to a delimited file. You can sort a queue, filter it, edit it and write it back into your program. You can even save a queue and load the contents next time your program runs. Debugging queues is easy with QView!

Some queues:

ATypedQueue    QUEUE,TYPE
SomeString       STRING(50)
SomeDates        LONG,DIM(10,2)
SomeTimes        LONG,DIM(100)

MyTestQueue    QUEUE,PRE(MTQ)
SomeString       STRING(50)
SomeQueueRef     &ATypedQueue

A line of code:


A problem solved:

QView, a referenced queue and an array.